Report a repair

We have made reporting a repair as easy as possible by offering a number of different ways for you to report your problem.

Our Customer Service Centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and Public Holidays. This means that whatever time you call, Sanctuary staff will handle your query.

We have listed the contact details below. To enable us to give you the best possible service, please only use the contact details which apply to you.

Sanctuary Housing Residents

Rochford Housing

Chester & District Housing Trust

Sanctuary Housing - Cherwell

Sanctuary Housing - East (including Sanctuary Hereward)

Sanctuary Housing - London and South East

Sanctuary Housing - Midlands

Sanctuary Housing - North (including Shiregreen Community Homes)

Sanctuary Housing – North West

Sanctuary Housing - South West

Sanctuary Housing - Torbay

Sanctuary Cumbernauld

Sanctuary Scotland

Tenants First

Church of England Pensions Board Residents