Abandoned vehicles

Please contact us if you spot an abandoned vehicle on your estate. Depending on whose land it’s been left on, we’ll work with the council to remove it or remove it ourselves if it’s on our land.

A vehicle will not be considered to be abandoned if it is:

  • taxed;
  • legally parked and is on a road with no parking restrictions;
  • in good condition; and
  • is not causing an obstruction.

You can check if a vehicle is taxed before reporting it.

What are the rules about parking near your home?

Only park in designated parking areas, that way emergency vehicles can get access if needed. Your vehicle may be removed if you park illegally and block the road.

Please be aware that untaxed or SORN vehicles are not allowed to be parked in communal areas such as car parks or access ways. A SORN vehicle may only be kept on a private driveway or in a garage.


Further information about the types of antisocial behaviour:


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