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Antisocial behaviour

We want you, your family and your neighbours to enjoy living in your home and community.

We take reports of antisocial behaviour (ASB) very seriously and will take the necessary steps to protect our residents. This can mean working in partnership with other agencies to resolve cases of antisocial behaviour, including Environmental Health, Council ASB units, local councillors, community groups and the police.

If you are concerned for the safety of yourself or others, then always call the Police on 999.

Antisocial behaviour can include:

  • Loud noise
  • Assault or physical violence
  • Aggressive or threatening language or behaviour
  • Vandalism
  • Harassment
  • Domestic abuse
  • Dumping of litter or rubbish
  • Racist or homophobic abuse or graffiti
  • Drug dealing
  • Pets allowed to cause a nuisance
  • Inconsiderate parking and abandoned vehicles
  • Hate crime – ASB motivated by race, gender, sexuality, age or disability

We understand that sometimes the sounds, sights and smells from everyday living can be noisy or annoying, but unless it is excessive or unreasonable it would not, under normal circumstances, be considered antisocial and can often be resolved with a simple conversation between neighbours.

Some examples are:

  • Mowing lawns
  • DIY during reasonable hours
  • Minor or occasional car repairs
  • Someone parking lawfully outside your home
  • Cooking smells
  • Vacuuming and noise from domestic appliances, for example, washing machines
  • Children playing

If any of the above examples are found to be having a harmful impact on a vulnerable resident, we will investigate further. 

If you are experiencing antisocial behaviour, you can let us know by completing our online form, or by calling our Customer Service team on 0800 131 3348 or 0300 123 3511, who will offer you help and support before passing your issue on to your local team who will carry out an investigation.

Sanctuary Housing has recently signed up to Respect – the Anti-Social Behaviour charter for housing which is designed to help housing associations prevent and effectively tackle antisocial behaviour (ASB).

We are committed to tackling ASB and make improvements to our services, following any feedback from residents, to ensure our communities are places our residents are proud to call home.

Joining the Respect Charter allows us to review how we currently work and share best practice, and learn from, other housing associations, to ensure we can provide the best support to our residents that we can.

For more information about the Respect Charter, please visit the Chartered Institute of Housing's Respect Charter page


Advice on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The health and safety of our residents, their families and our staff is our number one priority.

In response to Government guidelines following the COVID-19 outbreak, we have made some changes to how we provide services to our customers. More information about our response can be found on our dedicated webpage and via our social media channels.

We are monitoring Government advice around local lockdowns and will highlight any specific service changes for each area should they arise.

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