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Asbestos – safety in your home

What is asbestos?

Asbestos was a building material used in the past to insulate and fireproof homes. It’s now banned in the UK but can still be found in properties built before 2000.

Why is it no longer used?

Asbestos can cause serious lung disease. However, you are only at risk if affected material is damaged or disturbed and you breathe in asbestos fibres.

Where can asbestos be found in homes?

Asbestos can be found in:

  • Cold water tanks
  • Pipe lagging
  • Roof felt, sheets and tiles
  • Textured coatings (such as artex)
  • Fascia and soffit boards (such as roof overhangs)
  • Toilet cisterns
  • Wall panels
  • Fuseboards
  • Boiler/heater cupboard
  • Floor tiles
  • Rainwater guttering and downpipes
  • Garage roof sheets
  • Panels behind fires or heaters
  • Panels on the back of fire doors
  • Partition walls
  • Service ducts
  • Soil and vent pipes

I think there’s asbestos in my home – what should I do?

Don’t worry – asbestos material is only dangerous if it’s damaged or disturbed.

If you think your home contains asbestos, please phone 0800 131 3348 and we’ll arrange for a local surveyor to visit you and carry out an inspection.


  • Don’t work with, damage or remove material you know, or think, contains asbestos
  • Don’t rub down or sand anything you know, or think, contains asbestos
  • Don’t drill through anything you know, or think, contains asbestos.

How do we deal with asbestos?

We are required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations to survey the communal areas of our properties to check the condition of any asbestos material.

If the material containing asbestos is in a good condition it doesn’t pose a risk to your health. Removing this material can sometimes be more hazardous than leaving it alone. If the material is in a poor condition, we will remove it or make it safe.

You can find out more information about asbestos through the Health and Safety Executive.