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Being offered a home

Should a suitable property become available, we will let you know that you are on the shortlist for it. For us to progress your application further we will ask to see full proof of your identification and income.

When you’ve accepted an offer and the home is ready for you to move into, you will need to sign a tenancy agreement. If you are eligible for a housing-related benefit, please tell your local authority straight away.

We don’t supply carpets/curtains/furniture, however, if the property you are offered has carpets/curtains/furniture in a reasonable condition, we will gift those items to you to help you set up your new home. If they are badly worn or damaged, we will remove and dispose of them before you move in.

Before you sign up you will need to pay a minimum of one week’s full rent, although the amount will depend on the cycle of future payments so that your account is always one week in advance. This applies even if you plan on claiming housing-related benefits. We will make an appointment to call you to discuss the required payment.

Paying your rent by Direct Debit is quick and easy to set up and ensures you don’t miss a payment. We will ask you to set this up prior to you signing your tenancy agreement.

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Applying for a home

If you are looking for a new home, there are a few ways that you can apply to rent a property from us. Find out more about how we allocate affordable housing.


Apply for a home

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Available properties

We currently have some vacant properties to rent in England. Our online property section is updated regularly with the latest availability across the country.


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