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Meet our residents

Sanctuary Housing resident Kellie

Kellie's story

Sanctuary Housing resident Kellie moved into her home in April 2016 at a time when her mental health had been affected by her previous housing situation.

Karen Vaughan smiling

Karen Vaughan's story

Karen Vaughan, a Sanctuary Housing resident from Torbay, says her home is her “place of safety” where she began to heal following years of suffering.

A young couple celebrate moving into a permanent home

Abebi’s story

For one Sanctuary Housing resident, having a permanent home has made all the difference to her life.

Exterior of the Tingley's estate in Banbury.

Amanda and Terrence Tingley

After more than two decades living in their Sanctuary Housing home in Banbury, Amanda and Terrence Tingley needed to move.

Betty with her housing officer Jade.

Betty Symington

Betty Symington says moving out of her three-bedroom Banbury house into a ground floor flat was “the best thing that’s ever happened to me”.

Phillip Burston

Phillip Burston

When Phillip Burston, a Sanctuary Housing resident from Paignton, discovered a draft coming from his windows, he was impressed with the service provided by our Customer Service Centre, who quickly resolved the problem for him.