Abebi’s story

Support with housing

For one Sanctuary Housing resident, having a permanent home has made all the difference to her life.

Abebi* moved in to her Sanctuary home in the south east of England after she and her daughter were made homeless fleeing a previous relationship.

A young couple celebrate moving into a permanent home

 Abebi said: “At first, my daughter felt very down, and it was really hard for both of us.”

Slowly, the pair began to feel like their new house was a home and that it improved their lives. The garden has become a particular favourite, with mother and daughter spending hours playing together outside.

Abebi commented: “We both love it here. Whenever my daughter comes into the house, she says: ‘mummy, home sweet home’.

“Our home is so important to both of us. She can now focus on her education and making friends. I feel really supported by all the staff at Sanctuary.

 “We are very excited to have a place we can call home.”


*a pseudonym


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