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Amanda and Terrence Tingley

Support with housing

After more than two decades living in their Sanctuary Housing home in Banbury, Amanda and Terrence Tingley needed to move.

Years of deteriorating health, mobility issues and personal problems had taken its toll to the point where their wellbeing had become a genuine concern.

Terrence had fallen on a number of occasions using the stairs, while wife Amanda also uses a walking stick around the house.

An application was put in through their housing officer Jade Shepherd for the couple and their two grown-up sons, one of whom is severely autistic, to be moved to a bungalow across the town.

“The best thing we’ve done is move up here,” Terrence said. “We’re much more content. It’s all on one level.

“Where we used to live we had to get my brother to come and take us to the hospital, now it’s only round the corner.”

Amanda added: “It’s better for us, it’s less stressful and we’re at the stage of our lives now when we don’t want that any more.

“Being away from the stress is brilliant. It’s good for your mental health. You still have bad days and good days but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The family come see that the stress is coming away, slowly but surely.

“Is it the best thing that we did, getting in touch? Yes, and we’re very thankful to Jade for doing it for us.”

The couple are now able to enjoy a front and back garden at ground level, having previously had to struggle with a split-level garden. They have also settled into the community and made a number of good friends.

“Every community should be like this,” Amanda said. “It’s what you need, people helping out one another. The community here is brilliant; you couldn’t wish for a better one.”

Terrence commented: “The neighbours are nice here. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done. We love it here.”


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