Janet Brind

Sanctuary in the community

Janet Brind, who has been a Sanctuary Housing tenant for 23 years, heads up the Shiregreen Community Committee, which aims to create and improve services in the Sheffield neighbourhood.

Set up in 2016 with the support of staff from Sanctuary Housing, Janet chairs regular meetings with other residents who work together to enhance the Shiregreen area and take action on issues that matter to local people.

Janet explained: “The Shiregreen Community Committee acts almost as an advocate for local people, as it represents the interests of the whole community.

“Prior to the committee, I was chair of the Shiregreen Community Homes Board. I feel this has given me a solid background to lead a group of people committed to making positive change, which is our collective aim.”

One of the biggest successes to come from the committee so far has been the launch of the Shiregreen Good Neighbour Charter.

The document – delivered to every household in Shiregreen – contains advice on how to deal with a range of issues which can cause conflict between neighbours, such as noise, parking and antisocial behaviour.

Janet said: “As a committee, we felt that the charter would continue the good work that has already taken place in Shiregreen to draw the community together.

“The simple principles of respect and consideration for our neighbours underpin the charter, and the committee itself, in order to benefit all who live in the area.”