Kellie's story

Support with housing

Sanctuary Housing resident Kellie moved into her home in April 2016 at a time when her mental health had been affected by her previous housing situation.

Sanctuary Housing resident Kellie

For Kellie, privately renting had become increasingly unaffordable due to rising rent costs, and she felt stressed not knowing how long she and her two children would be able to stay put.

Now living in Banbury as a Sanctuary resident, Kellie’s mental health is improving.

Kellie says: “I feel extremely lucky. I’m settled for the first time in 13 years and the security of being a Sanctuary resident is a huge relief. Even lockdown in my home was surprisingly okay.

“As a single parent with affordable rent costs, I can provide a much better quality of life for my two children compared with when we were privately renting.

“We feel settled and have built good relationships with our neighbours. It has also been important to us that we have been able to spend time and money on our home and the garden.

“I feel supported and I know I can contact someone should any issues arise. On the odd occasion that I have needed landlord responsibility repairs, they have been easy to arrange and very well processed.”

Receiving a letter confirming her lifetime tenancy is Kellie’s most positive experience as a Sanctuary resident so far.

She explains: “Having a quality home is important for many reasons. It makes all the difference in meeting those needs that we all require in order to thrive - shelter, security and safety.”


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