Scott Williams

Finance and income support

Scott Williams, from Redruth in Cornwall, says the support he has received with his Universal Credit claim has made a huge difference to his life. A series of medical issues, including stays in hospital, had taken their toll on both his mental health and his family.

When Scott’s partner and four-year-old daughter consequently moved out of the three-bedroom house they shared with his two teenage sons from a previous relationship, he struggled to pay the rent and sought our help with his finances.

A man going through his finances whilst holding a pair of glasses

Scott’s Universal Credit payment only covered half the rent because his partner’s name was still on the tenancy agreement, and he had to make up the shortfall from money intended to support his living expenses.

With help from Adrian, his Local Income Advisor, Scott was advised that he should be treated as jointly liable for the whole rent and get the appropriate support in his Universal Credit, even though his ex-partner was still a joint tenant but no longer living at the property.

Scott said: “Adrian was great. He would send me emails that I could send to Universal Credit and kept in contact until my problem was resolved.

“It's made a massive difference now Universal Credit are paying the correct amount towards my rent. I’m less stressed, I’m sleeping better, I can shop better, and I can cook better meals for my children and do more with them.

“I know it may not sound like a lot, but for anyone who has been on or is on Universal Credit will know how much difference that little bit extra helps.”

If you have a question about your rent or payments, please call us on 0800 916 1516 or 0300 123 3579. You can also email the Income Team at CIT.Income@sanctuary-housing.co.uk.