Communal areas

For your safety, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards items in communal areas, which includes stairways, lifts, landings and hallways.

As your landlord, we have an obligation to ensure your building and the communal areas within it meet fire safety regulations. This includes making sure in the event of an emergency, everyone must be able to escape quickly and safely.

Items such as mobility scooters, buggies or bikes can cause obstructions to escape routes if you or somebody else in your building needed to get out in a fire.

Even small, seemingly harmless items such as plant pots can form an obstruction if it is dark and smoky.

Please remember:

  • Keep all communal areas clear of obstructions, for example, plant pots, prams, mobility scooters and bikes.
  • Do not wedge fire doors open.
  • Place all rubbish in the bins provided. 
  • Report any damage to lights or fire alarms promptly.
  • Do not tamper with any fire or smoke detection system.

If personal items are found in a communal area you will be asked to remove them. If you fail to do so, we will remove and dispose of the items.


COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The health and safety of our residents, their families and our staff is our number one priority.

Information about our services can be found on our Covid-19 page and on our social media.

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