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Making a complaint

We want to hear from you if you have a complaint or criticism about the services we provide. We always try to give you the best possible service, but sometimes things do go wrong. If this happens, we aim to put things right and learn from your complaint so it doesn’t happen again.

How to give us your feedback

There are several ways for you to make a complaint or report an issue:


Please complete the Complaints form below with the full details of your complaint and we will do our best to sort it out as quickly and fairly as we can. We may use trained mediators to enable us to do this.

By email

Contact us by email at: contactus@sanctuary-housing.co.uk

By contacting your local office 

Your local office can receive feedback or complaints by email, in writing or in person. They can also send you a complaints leaflet ‘How to make a complaint’.

By telephone

You can call our Customer Contact Centre on 0800 131 3348 or 0300 123 3511. Our Customer Service Centre is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays.





Complaints process

Where possible, we would hope to work with you to resolve any concerns or issues you may have, however, if you wish to formally complain, our process is detailed below.

Sanctuary Housing complaints process

There are two stages to our complaints process:

Stage 1: Frontline resolution

We will try to resolve your complaint when you first contact us. We aim to do this within 10 working days or less.

Stage 2: Investigation

If we can’t resolve your complaint within 10 working days at stage 1, we will start an investigation. We aim to undertake the investigation in 20 working days and written response will be sent detailing the outcome.

What can I do if I’m still unhappy?

If you are still unhappy after following our complaints process, you have the right to ask for your complaint to be looked at by a 'designated person'. This can be:

  • Your local MP
  • A local councillor
  • A recognised resident panel

The designated person may be able to help you resolve your Sanctuary Housing complaint directly or they may refer it to the Housing Ombudsman Service – an independent organisation which deals with disputes between social landlords and their residents.

If, when the complaints process is complete, you are not happy with the outcome, you can refer your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service. You can only do this after an eight-week period has passed, but you will not need to go through the designated person to refer your complaint.

There are several ways that you can contact the Housing Ombudsman Service:

Please be aware that the Housing Ombudsman Service will only investigate your complaint if it has been through the Sanctuary Housing complaints process.

A complaint gives us invaluable information about how you feel about the services we provide, which in turn enables us to improve our service.

When should I make a complaint?

For guidance, a complaint could be raised if:
  • We deliver a poor or delayed service
  • We have a poor attitude
  • We fail to follow a policy, legislation or the terms of your tenancy agreement or lease.
Making a complaint about repairs

We can only process a complaint about a repair if you have already reported the issue to us. If your complaint is about a fault that you have not yet reported, please contact us to report the repair.

Although some of the problems you highlight may not be classed as a complaint under our policy, we still want to receive information from you so we can work to improve our service.

Your views are important to us because they help us improve our services.

When we receive feedback or complaints about Sanctuary Housing, we use the information to improve our service. Below are some examples of the changes we have made:

  • We received comments about the poor behaviour and attitude of our external contractors. As a result we have developed a Code of Conduct which we expect all contractors to follow. Our own maintenance staff have also received additional customer service training.
  • Customers said it was hard to contact their local office. We now have dedicated Customer Contact Centres to make it easier for you to contact us.
  • Some residents told us they found information about service charges and rents confusing. We have worked with residents to make them more straightforward and useful.

Your views make a difference, so please keep telling us what you think of our service via our online feedback form or our the complaints and criticisms form below. We always want to know about any successes or problems.

We aim to provide a high-quality service in everything we do. However, there will be times when things go wrong, in which case we rely on you, our customers, to let us know.

Please complete the form below with the full details of your complaint and we will do our best to sort it out as quickly and fairly as we can. We may use trained mediators to enable us to do this.

Note: Questions marked by a * are mandatory