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Complaints process for Sanctuary Housing  

Our complaints process helps us to:

  • Treat everyone fairly, ensuring we focus is on what it is you are looking for to resolve your complaint
  • Seek to resolve complaints the first time you contact us, where possible
  • Take all reasonable action to resolve complaints swiftly, ensuring it is easy for you to contact us
  • Ensure complaints are investigated objectively and decisions are based on evidence and the facts of each particular case
  • Learn from the outcomes of previous complaints to improve the quality of our services.

We will:

  • Make it easy for you to tell us if you are dissatisfied or wish to make a complaint about the services that we provide
  • Explain how your concerns will be handled; this could be through the complaints procedure or another appeals process
  • Listen to your concerns and actively work with you to agree how we can resolve the issue
  • Provide you with thorough information about what you can expect from the complaints process, providing clear and realistic timescales
  • Refer you to the appropriate agency if we are unable to resolve the complaint, for example if it is something that is outside of our control
  • Explain what action has been taken to ensure that the same problem doesn’t happen again in future, where appropriate.

So that we can handle complaints effectively, we do ask that you:

  • Tell us honestly what you are unhappy about and what you would like us to do to resolve your concerns
  • Appreciate that sometimes what you are looking for is not something that is within our control and that you may need to refer to other agencies or accept our position on the matter
  • Follow the advice from staff who are handling your complaint, should they refer you to other agencies, so that you can get advice and support from those who can help
  • Allow us sufficient time to look into your complaint so that we can respond in full, within our target timescales.

We understand that complaints can be difficult for everyone involved and that at times, you may be angry, upset or frustrated by the situation.

We always look to work with you in these circumstances, however, there are times that your behaviour may be considered to be unreasonable or unacceptable. Under these rare circumstances, we will consider taking action to ensure that your complaint can be handled efficiently and that staff are protected from rude, abusive or aggressive behaviour whilst carrying out their duties.

Examples of behaviour where we may need to take action include (but are not limited to) when a person:

  • Makes bullying, physical or psychological threats against staff
  • Makes unjustified complaints about the staff who are trying to deal with their complaint
  • Covertly records meetings or conversations without the prior knowledge and consent of other people involved
  • Makes excessive demands on the time and resources of staff members while their complaint is being investigated
  • Introduces trivial or irrelevant new information at a later stage
  • Raises many detailed but unimportant questions and insists that these are all answered
  • Refuses to accept that certain issues are outside the scope of our complaints procedure
  • Refuses to accept our decision and repeatedly argues points with no new evidence
  • Adopts a scatter-gun approach by raising concerns with different staff.

Under these circumstances, we may consider taking the following action:

  • Decline to follow the complaints procedure where the complaint is negligible or has no substance
  • Decline further communication on a specific complaint after it has been responded to. Under these circumstances, we will no longer enter into any further communication regarding the matter
  • Limit communication on a complaint to a particular method of contact with us (for example telephone, letter or email) or to require you to communicate with only one named member of staff. This limitation will only apply to your complaint(s).

Any such action must be approved by the Group Customer Services Manager, who will pay particular attention to any evidence of mitigating issues such as disability or other factors which need to be considered, for example, when English is not your first language.

We will notify you in writing of the proposed course of action. The letter will make it clear that you can appeal the proposed action(s) within ten working days.  Such actions will be reviewed periodically throughout the complaints process to ensure they remain appropriate.


Advice on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The health and safety of our residents, their families and our staff is our number one priority.

We are continually monitoring how we provide services to our customers during the ongoing pandemic. More information about our services can be found on our Covid-19 page and on our social media channels. Please see our latest health and safety guidance.

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