Daily routine

Before you go to bed and before you leave your home, there are a few routine things you can do to reduce the risk of fire in your home:

  • Make sure the cooker is turned off and the kitchen door shut.
  • Switch off any portable heaters.
  • Don’t leave mobile phones, tablets or e-cigarettes charging overnight.
  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances except those that are meant to stay on, like a fridge. Don’t go to sleep with the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher on.
  • Stub out all cigarettes and always empty ashtrays having ensured contents are completely extinguished.
  • Close all internal doors – it can keep your escape route free from smoke and may stop a fire spreading.
  • Unplug blankets before you get into bed, unless it has a thermostat control for safe all-night use. Never use an electric blanket and hot water bottle together.



Advice on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The health and safety of our residents, their families and our staff is our number one priority.

We are continually monitoring how we provide services to our customers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including the resumption of routine repairs. More information about our services can be found on our Covid-19 page and on our social media channels. Please see our latest health and safety guidance.

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