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Home improvements

If you would like to make improvements to your home, please send a written request to your housing officer or tenancy manager.

We will consider your request and will write to you with approval to go ahead, or the reasons why consent has not been given.

Our consent, which is never unreasonably withheld, must be given before any work is carried out.

Every year we carry out improvements to our properties. The improvements are done region by region. We decide which work is done and where by using information gathered from residents and the knowledge of local staff. Work includes replacement of windows, kitchens and bathrooms.

Reinvestment programme

We have detailed information about all our properties and have a rolling three year reinvestment programme to ensure all our properties meet, and continue to meet the Decent Homes Standard.

What is the ‘Decent Homes Standard’?

Decent Homes is a standard set down by the Government. In order to meet the Decent Homes Standard, a home should be warm, weatherproof and have reasonably modern facilities.


We have negotiated nationally for the best contracts on items such as the windows, kitchens and bathrooms in your homes. These contracts enable us to provide the best value for money items and a consistency of products across the country. This helps us in the future maintenance of your home.

The addition of aids and adaptations to your home can help you to live more independently.

If you would like to request an adaption to your home, please call 0800 131 3348 or 0300 123 3511.

We will review your request and advise if an assessment is required. We will also work with you to gain the necessary funding from your local authority.

In your tenancy agreement, it says what you need to ask us for permission for. This includes:

  • Making changes to your home: You should contact us first if you would like to improve or alter your home.
  • Taking in a lodger: You should contact us for permission first if you would like to take in a lodger.
  • Working from home: You should not work from home or start a business from your home without written permission from us. If we can’t give you permission, we will tell you why in writing.
  • Keeping a pet: If you want to keep a pet in your home, please ask for our permission in writing. If we do give you permission, please make sure that your pet does not cause a disturbance to others. Please remember that if you plan to put up extra fencing to prevent pets escaping from your garden, please contact us to find out whether you need planning permission. It will be your responsibility to build the fence and to maintain it.
  • Fitting a satellite dish: If you would like to put up a satellite dish, please ask for our permission in writing. There may be other things that you need our permission for. If you’re not sure, please check your tenancy agreement.

There are two types of insurance that should be considered in relation to your home:

1. Buildings insurance

We insure your buildings against damage. This insurance covers the building structure and items such as your kitchen and bathroom. It does not cover any of your personal belongings.

2. Contents insurance

Contents insurance protects all the items within your home not covered by the buildings insurance policy. Items generally covered by contents insurance includes; carpets or floor coverings, furniture, curtains, clothing, kitchen appliances and other valuables. The purchase of contents insurance is optional but advisable. You can buy contents insurance from all leading insurance companies.

For further information:

  • The National Housing Federation (NHF) offers a contents insurance scheme. For more details please visit the My Home Website (this link will open in a new window).