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Artwork looks back at Blacon and to its bright future

12 February 2016

Budding young artists were pleased to see their work displayed at the culmination of a project looking at the history of an estate in Chester.

New painting is unveiled at Blacon’s Parade Enterprise Centre

Pupils from The Arches Community Primary School in Blacon were invited to attend the unveiling of a new painting at the Parade Enterprise Centre.

Children painted the artwork which was funded by Avenue Services

Children from Blacon took part in art workshops as part of a six month project looking at how the estate has developed, led by theatre and arts company Interact (Wales) and funded by Avenue Services.

The painting reflects Blacon’s history and future

Artists of all ages contributed their thoughts as to how the painting should reflect Blacon’s history, with references to Blacon being an army camp during the Second World War.

The painting also highlights Blacon’s railway station which ran until the 1990s and is now a cycle path and walkway.

Looking to the future, Sanctuary Housing’s three high rise buildings are in the background alongside the recently completed Parade Enterprise Centre.

Sandra Hewitt, Avenue Services neighbourhood and locality officer, said: “It is great to see the history of Blacon depicted in this colourful artwork through the eyes of children and members of the community.”

Rebecca Challinor, deputy head at The Arches Community Primary School, added: “The project has been a fantastic opportunity for the children of Blacon to learn about the history of the area, while celebrating its future too.”


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