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Bright idea to cut Hackney residents’ bills

31 October 2016

Bright Hackney residents could save themselves some cash on utility bills during Big Energy Saving Week, thanks to Sanctuary Housing.

The leading housing provider has teamed up with The Energy Community to distribute 300 ‘Energy Packs’ to Sanctuary residents, which offer energy-saving tips to help a household reduce its energy use, save money and protect the environment.

The packs will start going out to homes during Big Energy Saving Week, which runs from Monday 31 October to Sunday 6 November, and will complement a dedicated Sanctuary London Forum on the Energy Community website. The forum will allow residents to ask questions and find further energy saving advice.

Each pack, which is being distributed with a free energy-saving lightbulb, contains an energy diary to help residents track gas and electricity spending, a guide to lightbulb power consumption and a list of local services that can provide help and advice on reducing fuel bills.

One of the first families to receive the pack were Gonul Turkmen and her children Ali Silfikir and Hazal Silfikir.

She said: “In my last home, the utility bills were too much; the electric bill was a lot of money and I didn’t switch suppliers because all of the tariffs looked expensive.

“The Energy Community pack looks like it has some really helpful information on how we can save money. If we can save up enough throughout the year then we’ll be able to afford to go on a trip with my son and daughter: something we weren’t able to do this year.”

The Big Energy Saving Week campaign is a partnership between Citizens Advice, the Energy Saving Trust and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Toby Moore, Sanctuary’s partnerships officer, said: “The Energy Community have put together a fantastic pack which, in conjunction with Big Energy Saving Week, allows us to highlight the important issues around how residents can reduce their utility bills.

“This project is a great way for us to help our residents to live sustainable lifestyles while making our neighbourhoods greener.”

Sanctuary’s involvement in the campaign was funded through the organisation’s Community Investment Fund, which supports projects benefiting Sanctuary residents and their communities.


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