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Celebration at creative exhibition for three generations in Shiregreen

1 April 2015

A free exhibition representing three generations’ artistic reflections on age has been on offer to Shiregreen residents thanks to a project led by Ignite Imaginations and supported by Shiregreen Community Homes.

Three different age groups were asked the question ‘Am I Old?’ through creative workshops, with the resulting artwork, poems and quotes put on display at an exciting exhibition to celebrate the groups’ talent.

Children from Beck Primary School worked with an artist from Ignite to explore when they thought they would be ‘old’, with groups of local adults at community craft and drawing classes investigating the ideas and expectations behind their age.

Doris Proctor, whose artwork was shown at the exhibition, said: “It has been really nice to do something different and it has been really interesting to see different peoples’ views on age through using art.

“Having Jade, the artist who worked with our art group, come every week was really beneficial as she showed us how people have different perspectives, whilst also being really encouraging to the members of the art group.”

Panni Loh, project co-ordinator at Ignite Imaginations, added: “We’ve had some interesting discussions and debates, asking the question ‘Am I old?’ For an eight-year-old 18 seems old, whereas a 50-year-old can feel no older now than they did at 21.”

Sophie Lejeune-Peggie, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager for Shiregreen, added: “This project has been a great way to get different age groups in the community to engage with each other and discuss what ‘age’ really means. The perspectives of the residents taking part in the workshops have been really thought-provoking.”

The workshops were held at a local school and art and craft groups in Sheffield, with the exhibition taking place at St James and St Christopher church in Shiregreen.


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