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Chicks bring joy to supported housing scheme

2 June 2014

Supported housing tenants got an ‘eggs-tra’ special surprise when a dozen unhatched chicks were delivered to their complex.

The Sanctuary Scotland residents watched in wonder as 12 feathered friends made an appearance during a 12 day stay.

Four chicks hatched within 36 hours of the eggs arriving in an incubator at the communal flat at Holland Street, Aberdeen. Another pecked its way out to say “hello” during a residents meeting, to the joy of those attending.

Holland Street administrator Hazel Sutherland said: “Our tenants thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Living Eggs project and were thrilled to see the chicks hatch and grow.

“Residents took turns to feed and water the chicks and loved holding and stroking them during their stay. It was a very rewarding experience for tenants and everyone had a lot of fun.”