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Club’s transport links continue thanks to funding boost

5 July 2017

Transport links to a popular lunch club for older people that has been running for more than half a century have received a major boost from Sanctuary Housing.

The club, which has been organised by Rayleigh Age Concern since 1963, operates three days a week at the Todman Centre in Castle Road.

It currently caters for over 80 people, who are able to enjoy a healthy meal and spend time socialising with friends and neighbours.

Support from Sanctuary has ensured local residents are able to attend by helping the charity, which relies on volunteers, to subsidise transport from Wyvern Community Transport.

Rayleigh Age Concern says that without the funding the club would struggle to make ends meet and many older people would be unable to attend.

Bryan Chapman, from Rayleigh Age Concern, said: “It’s only through the funding that our service is able to continue. It is extremely popular with older people in the town, many of whom can become isolated without a means of transport.

“In that respect this is a real lifeline and we’re incredibly grateful to Sanctuary Housing for their support.”

Chris Silvey, Sanctuary’s resident involvement officer, added: “This is an important community activity which provides a vital service to the older people of Rayleigh.

“We recognise the positive impact this can have on people’s lives in helping them to remain socially active.”

The transport has been funded through Maureen’s Gift fund, which gives donations to charities, resident groups and voluntary organisations in need of financial help to deliver community activities. It was set up in 2011 in memory of local community champion Maureen Vince.

To apply or find out more about Maureen’s Gift, contact Sanctuary, quoting Maureen’s Gift, on either 0300 123 3511 or 0800 131 3348. Alternatively, email contactus@sanctuary-housing.co.uk.


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