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Coronavirus and antisocial behaviour (ASB)

15 May 2020
A couple blocking out noise in bed.

With the coronavirus lockdown restrictions still in place, we are still spending most of our waking hours together in our homes and within close proximity to our neighbours.

The lockdown has created a new sense of community and given residents the a chance to get to know their neighbours - clapping for carers out in the streets on a Thursday evening has become the social event of the week for many of us.

For others, the strain of living cooped up for long periods may be taking its toll and you may be more aware of your neighbours’ habits and the noise they're making.

During these difficult times, please try to be tolerant of your neighbours and their noise levels and consider how your own behaviour may affect them too.

If you are experiencing antisocial behaviour, we’re here to help. Our video shows you what is considered anitisocial behaviour, such as fly tipping and what isn’t, such as children playing, as well as ways you can report it to us.