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Energy efficiency works completed on Ely homes

21 January 2016
New Barns Avenue, Ely

Energy efficient work has been completed on a £1 million refurbishment of over 100 properties in Ely.

The 121 properties in New Barns Avenue, a Sanctuary Group-owned social housing development, have received exterior insulation works to improve the look and efficiency of the homes.

Sanctuary worked with Thrift Energy to carry out a large solid-wall insulation programme to the properties in order to improve the whole community.

The programme of improvements began with structural works in preparation for the fitting of external wall insulation, following which the properties were given a colour rendered finish to freshen up their look. A number of boilers have also been replaced or upgraded with energy efficient models in properties to help further reduce bills, and loft insulation has also been topped up as required.

The works are expected to help create potential savings of up to £460 per annum on residents’ fuel bills and a reduction of 1,900kg in CO2 emissions for a typical semi-detached property on the estate.

The refurbishment was funded by Sanctuary, and was fully supported by East Cambridgeshire District Council which has also been running a solid wall insulation scheme, offering grants of up to £6,000 per property for homeowners. Kayleigh Maguire, energy officer at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “Residents can now see savings of hundreds of pounds on their energy bills as a result of having solid wall insulation fitted and we hope they are enjoying the benefits.”

Mark Ashburn, senior asset services surveyor for Sanctuary, commented: “We are delighted with the result of these works and how the new, fresher look has changed the overall feel of the estate.

“The changes made to these homes at New Barns Avenue are part of our on-going commitment to create environmental value, by investing in the improvement of our existing properties. By focusing on insulation measures we help cut residents’ fuel bills whilst reducing carbon emissions and providing affordable warmth.”

One of the residents, Jackie Blair, added: "We can't express enough what a difference the external wall insulation has made to our home. Not only does the house look better than before but we are now really feeling the benefits of the savings on our energy bills.”


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