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Falcon seeks Sanctuary

5 October 2015

A young bird of prey has been reunited with its owners after getting stuck at a leading housing provider’s Chester office after flying off course during an aerial display.

Eagle-eyed member of Sanctuary staff in Chester spots missing falcon

The Lanner falcon was spotted by an eagle-eyed member of staff at Sanctuary Housing’s Centurion House office on Northgate Street after it became disoriented after flying into a central courtyard within the building.

Missing falcon was part of aerial display at Chester Cathedral

The four-month-year-old African falcon, known as Bram, was performing as part of a falconry display within the grounds of nearby Chester Cathedral.

Sanctuary Asset Officer reunites falcon with its Chester owners

The bird, which can fly at speeds of over 100 mph, had been missing for 24 hours until Sanctuary’s Asset Officer Sue Kelly spotted it through her office window which overlooks the courtyard and raised the alarm.

“I thought of calling the zoo first,” Sue said “but then remembered the recently opened falconry centre at the cathedral. I phoned and their team popped over straightaway and were delighted to be reunited with their bird.”

Tommy McNally, Head Falconer at Chester Cathedral, added: “A big big thank you to Sanctuary Housing for finding our bird. It made our day. Although all our birds have trackers on them, we were very grateful to get Bram back unharmed.”

Chester Cathedral Falconry and Nature Gardens is open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. For more information please call 01244 324756 or email info@cathedralfalconry.co.uk


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