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Finance workshops to ease debt worries for Rochford families

2 March 2017
Rochford families are being offered finance workshops to ease debt worries in a scheme by Sanctuary Housing.

Sanctuary Housing is offering its residents free workshops on how to manage their money and avoid debt.

The Rochford Savers project, run by Essex Savers Credit Union, will give household budgeting workshops for those struggling to balance the books or young people managing their own money for the first time.

Sessions will give Sanctuary residents tips on the basics of how to budget effectively for each month, how to factor in bills and other household costs to avoid going in the red and impartial advice on banking.

The first free workshop takes place at The Lavers, in Hockley Road, Rayleigh, from 10.30am – midday on 7 March, but places must be booked in advance. Two further sessions are planned in coming months.

Chris Silvey, Sanctuary Housing’s resident involvement officer for Rochford, said: “Money worries can cause our residents a lot of unnecessary stress, but by investing in these workshops, we want to give to give people the confidence to manage their finances with peace of mind.”

The project is supported by Sanctuary Housing’s Community Investment Fund, which supports projects that benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.

To book a place or register your interest for a workshop, contact Chris Silvey on 01702 533461 or email getinvolved@sanctuary-housing.co.uk