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Fly-tipping: keeping your community tidy

18 August 2020
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Covid-19 has meant a huge increase in fly-tipping of household waste. During lockdown people were spending more time at home. Some finally had a chance to turn their hand to a little DIY or just have a good clear out. But where has all this extra waste been going?

At the start of lockdown nearly all local authorities immediately closed Household Waste and Recycling Centres as they saw a huge rise in people wanting to dispose of their unwanted items and they could not operate safely without any social distancing measures in place.

This issue was coupled with many regular household waste collections being reduced due to staff shortages and the closure of local charity shops. So the demand to dispose of extra lockdown waste saw an increase fly-tipping of household waste. Fly-tipping is now a bigger problem than ever before.

In our short video below, we share more info about the problem and how you can do your bit to keep our communities clean, tidy and safe.