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Furniture project helping residents set up home

16 August 2021

Imagine moving into a new home and not having anything to sit on, sleep in or cook with.

Sadly, that is the situation some of our new residents find themselves in. There could be a number of reasons for this, including if they have recently been homeless or experienced a relationship breakdown.

For the past six months we have delivered a pilot project thanks to support from CDP Management, our printing services provider. The Welcome Home Furniture project helped us to give basic furniture and kitchen equipment to new residents who don’t have any household belongings.

The pilot has been successful in helping us to donate packs including beds, bedding and microwaves to 16 residents in Wolverhampton, Leeds, Sheffield, Stoke and Hull. 

One of our residents moved into her flat with only a suitcase of clothes after relocating to find a job.

She said: “That’s all I had, nothing to actually furnish a home. The pack has been really helpful and I liked that everything was brand new.”

Another resident lost all his belongings when he moved in to care for his father.

He said: “I moved out of my own place to look after my dad when he was ill. When I was offered this property I had nothing. It’s been really helpful to get everything I need to be able to move in.”

The pilot has shown that as well as giving people a sense of pride in their new home, the support helps to sustain tenancies and increases engagement with other services. Building on the success of the pilot, our Housing and Community Investment teams are working together to grow the project in more locations across the North, Midlands and the South West.