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Hackney pupils call on creative superpowers for comic book competition

7 August 2019
Hackney pupils summon creative superpowers for comic book competition

Pupils from Hackney summoned their powers of creativity to design their own comic book superheroes.

With funding from Sanctuary Housing, charity Tutors United has been delivering after school tuition sessions to young people from Hackney’s Kingsmead Estate.

As part of the project, pupils were challenged to create their own comic book superhero – detailing everything from their background and personality to their special ability and costume.

They then wrote letters to the fictional ‘Hollywood Comics’ describing their superhero and why they should be chosen to feature in their own big-screen movie.

Entries were judged by staff from Tutors United and Sanctuary Housing, who were impressed by the levels of imagination and creativity on show.

Olivia Meade, programme officer at Tutors United, said: “The children had great fun with this project, which encouraged them to be creative as well as improving their persuasive writing skills.

“We were very impressed with the quality and imagination of all the entries and had a tricky time deciding the winners.”

Tutors United delivers English and maths tuition to local primary school pupils who may experience barriers to learning, supporting them to build confidence and improve attainment.

Sessions are delivered by local university students, who themselves benefit from paid work experience, and on average in 2017-2018 pupils increased their maths results by 51 per cent and progressed by two sub-levels in writing.

Toby Moore, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, commented: “This has been a hugely successful project, underlining our commitment to helping our residents of all ages develop their skills and fulfil their potential.”

This project was funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.


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