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Holistic peer support on offer for Torbay children and teens

10 October 2017

The So-Fly holistic service in Torbay is open for young people to receive tailored support across a whole range of issues, offered by a local young entrepreneur.

So-Fly Support

Set up with £2,500 funding from Sanctuary Housing, the service provides one-to-one assistance to residents aged 10-19 and is led by So-Fly director 24-year-old Jordan Pierson.

Range of support

Support on offer can include introducing a healthy lifestyle through sport and fitness, building up employability skills, increasing emotional resilience, and getting involved in meaningful activities to reduce feelings of isolation. The team also works with young people who are involved in difficult situations such as poor mental health, substance misuse and anti-social behaviour, to help them make responsible choices.

“Peer support was invaluable”

Jordan has been through some tough times himself and is keen to support local young people. He said: “Peer support was invaluable to me in getting to where I am today, so I want to be able to offer the benefit of my experience to local young people.

“We also try to work with the families of the young people to ensure the support is consistent. We’re starting to see some real success stories and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.”

“A real positive difference to local residents”

Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, Lynne Roberts, added: “This is the second year we have worked with So-Fly Support. The project is making a real positive difference to local residents and I would encourage anyone looking for that peer support to take advantage of the service on offer.”

This project is funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities. 


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