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Making things right

12 March 2021

Sanctuary supports the UK Government’s ‘Make Things Right’ campaign, which is aiming to improve people’s understanding of their landlord’s complaints process.

We use the learning from complaints to provide a better service to all of our customers.

In the past 12 months we have worked closely with residents to review and strengthen our complaints process for the times we fail to meet their expectations.

We started by updating the complaints section on our website after customers told us the information was limited and could be clearer. We worked with residents to explore the ways in which we can make responses and the information we provide about complaints easier to understand and access.

We’ve also shown our commitment to transparency by making important documents available online, including:

Bob Werrett, Vice Chair of Sanctuary’s National Resident Scrutiny Panel who leads the Panel’s work on complaints, said: “I welcome how Sanctuary engages with residents in shaping complaint handling.

“We recently had almost 200 residents directly involved in reviewing the complaints policy and procedure. This will be an ongoing process and I encourage residents to keep engaging with us so we can improve the service for all.”

We welcome hearing from residents at scrutiny@sanctuary-housing.co.uk if you want to get involved.


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