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New service to offer baby clothes to families in need

7 August 2017
New service to offer baby clothes to families in need.

Families in need of clothes and toys for babies, toddlers and young children will be able to benefit from a new service being offered in Rayleigh.

Sanctuary Housing is helping to fund Rayleigh Vineyard church’s Growbaby project, which aims to provide good quality, new and second hand baby clothes and equipment for children up to five years old for free.

Volunteers from the church will give items donated by the community to people who need them for their family regardless of income, background or faith.

Growbaby is a project gradually being rolled out at Vineyard Churches across the country and the Rayleigh centre is already seeing an increased number of families being referred to them.

Donations can be brought to Rayleigh Vineyard, in Station Road, where they will be safely stored ready for distribution.

Suz Sawtell, Growbaby Rayleigh lead worker, said: “This funding will help ensure that parents within the local community have access to items they require in order that children have the necessary clothes and equipment as they grow.

“It will therefore serve to minimise the financial expense of raising children, allowing parents to redirect their money to other family needs.” 

Sanctuary’s resident involvement officer, Chris Silvey, added: “This project is providing a vital lifeline to families in the Rayleigh area and our funding will help it reach even more people.”

For more information about Growbaby, call 07708 479428 or visit the Growbaby Rayleigh Facebook page.

Sanctuary supported the project through its Maureen’s Gift fund, which gives donations to charities, resident groups and voluntary organisations in need of financial help to deliver community activities. It was set up in 2011 in memory of local community champion Maureen Vince.

To apply or find out more about Maureen’s Gift, contact Sanctuary, quoting Maureen’s Gift, on either 0300 123 3511 or 0800 131 3348. Alternatively, email contactus@sanctuary-housing.co.uk.


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