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New year - Let’s Swap homes!

16 January 2014
4 hand-drawn homes with the captions 'too big', 'too expensive', 'no space', and 'too small'

West Midlands Making Best Use of Stock Partnership (WMBUS) provides online solution to support residents who need to move home.

With changes to the welfare system now in force, we have worked with the West Midlands’ leading housing partnership to develop the Let’s Swap scheme. Let’s Swap allows residents across the West Midlands to get in touch if they want and need to move.

Unlike any other system it is focussed on swaps within the WMBUS partnership and our residents are supported by their own WMBUS co-ordinator who works with individual lead officers within each organisation proactively.

Since launching Let’s Swap in July 2013 over 4,000 customers have registered on the scheme and 60 residents have already exchanged their homes. The partnership is seeing the best use being made of housing stock, with residents downsizing and swapping with others who desperately need larger homes.

Speaking about the scheme, Di Middleton, chair of WMBUS, said: “We’ve worked extremely hard within the 29 strong partnership to launch Let’s Swap and this is evidence of the drive and determination of the partnership to find solutions that make a difference to local people across the West Midlands.”

If you are a resident in the West Midlands and would like to register with Let’s Swap, you can visit www.lets-swap.org.


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