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Precious Kids charity receive a life-changing donation

3 July 2014

Residents and staff from Rochford Housing’s Frances Cottee Lodge have contributed towards a life-changing donation to fund intensive physiotherapy for a nine year old cerebral palsy sufferer.

Russel Duffield was 18 months old when he was diagnosed with the neurological condition that leads to spasms and stiffness of the limbs. National UK charity Precious Kids Children’s Trust began supporting Russel in December 2012, whose aim is to walk like his sisters.

The charity, alongside family members and friends, helped raise £28,000 for Russel to undergo a pioneering cerebral palsy procedure allowing his nerves to function normally. To ensure the operation is successful the young boy’s family from Dagenham, Essex now needs to raise £7,500 for intensive physiotherapy.

When staff from the housing provider’s retirement scheme, Frances Cottee Lodge in Rayleigh, heard about Russel’s appeal, they were keen to help. Residents and staff rallied together and organised a coffee and cake morning raising over £100 for the charity.

Josie Hart, Rochford Housing’s scheme manager, said: “We were really pleased with the generosity of our residents and staff and they were happy to fund such a special appeal.

“We hope this donation will help the family reach their much needed funds and that Russel will be able to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.”

Precious Kids’ grants officer, Kirsty Samuels, added: “We are absolutely astounded and overjoyed at the response and generosity shown by the people in Essex. We genuinely thought it would take several years to raise the required funds, yet in less than two, the operation has been paid for and we are also on target to raise the funding required for Russel’s physiotherapy.

“His parents are overwhelmed by the incredible response to their initial appeal and wish to pass on their sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed their time, energies and monies to help their son’s dream become a reality.”

How can I make a donation?

To donate online and support Russel’s appeal, or another appeal that the charity is promoting, visit the Precious Kids Children’s Trust website.

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