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Rochford residents discover the delights of slow cooking

28 June 2017

Residents across the Rochford district have been learning how to eat healthily and prepare meals on a budget through a cookery course.

Sanctuary Housing teamed up with Rochford’s Public Health Officer, Nicola Brown, to offer the cooking sessions to residents at the town’s Millview Court and Rupert Jarvis Court in Hockley, which provide housing for older people.

The residents were able to learn how to prepare dishes for slow cookers, such as stews, soups, casseroles and cakes, as well as receiving handy hints and advice for meal planning.

Spread over six weeks, the course has promoted recipes for slow cookers as well as the benefits of cooking in batches, freezing food portions and how to defrost and reheat food safely.

Residents have also been given advice on how to eat well without spending more money and how to keep themselves healthy as they grow older.

The sessions also brought people together to socialise and share their slow cooking experiences and ideas with neighbours.

Nicola Brown, who funded the course, said: “It is important people know how to cook healthy meals and that they need not spend hours in the kitchen doing so.

“It has been a pleasure to spend time with the residents and introduce them to the world of slow cooking.”

Chris Silvey, Sanctuary’s resident involvement officer, added: “We aim to support our residents to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives with access to the care and support they need.

“This course has proved to be very popular, guiding residents on healthy eating to a budget and we hope to run similar sessions with Nicola at other schemes in the near future.”


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