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Sanctuary funds mental health initiative to combat loneliness

16 December 2020
Bullet journal created during mental health workshop

Wellbeing workshops demonstrating how to make a ‘bullet journal’ have had a positive impact on people recovering from mental health challenges in Banbury.

With funding from Sanctuary Housing, Oxfordshire charity Restore ran the online sessions for its members who were experiencing social isolation because of the pandemic.

Bullet journals contain personalised illustrated pages which help people to keep track of several aspects of life, including:

  • sleep
  • water intake
  • diet
  • exercise
  • budgeting and savings.

Preview of Sanctuary Housing's video about Bullet Journals

Jacqui Vincent-Potter, recovery co-ordinator at Restore, said: “Bullet journals are designed to help people to track the past, organise the present and plan for the future.

“Members have found the course to be extremely beneficial and commented how good it feels to be part of something during these difficult times.

“It has provided much needed group camaraderie and we have noticed people are now sharing thoughts, ideas, information and online resources for their journals.”

Rebecca, who attended the course, said: “Bullet journaling helps me feel a sense of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction when I complete a task.

“I now know that it’s okay to achieve my goals in MY way and at MY pace.”

Emma, another group member, added: “I have benefited from actually looking at my spending and debt, instead of ignoring the problem. I am actually enjoying something, which has not happened in months.”

Charlie Heritage, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnership manager, commented: “We’re pleased that this project has had such a positive impact on residents during this difficult year and we hope people will carry on using their journals in 2021.”

Mental health charity Restore supports people to recover, develop, achieve their goals and overcome barriers to employment. People work in supportive teams doing gardening, woodwork, crafts and running the shops and cafes that sell the products they grow and make.

To find out more, visit the Restore website, email jacqui.vincent-potter@restore.org.uk, or call 01295 709 414.

This project was funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.