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Sanctuary Housing provides update on plans for 92 Gregg House Road in Shiregreen

6 July 2020
Flowerbeds on Gregg House Road

Sanctuary Housing has confirmed that a decision has been taken to knock down the property on Gregg House Road in Shiregreen, Sheffield, where two young children so tragically lost their lives back in May 2019.

Following lengthy discussions, the decision has been taken as we believe it is the right option to help the local community move forward and because it will allow us to create a suitable memorial to the events that occurred.

An open space will be created when the property is removed, and the space will include a memorial tree to provide a subtle reminder of the tragic events that occurred at the address.

Through the local authority, the plans have been shared with surviving family members and Sanctuary has been advised they are supportive of the plans. Letters have also been sent to the local community, local councillors and the local MP to update them on the situation, while discussions have also taken place with the residents in the properties closest to number 92.

Speaking about the decision, Operations Director, Daren Nowlan, said: “We have taken our time over making this decision as we have been sensitive to the huge impact of this event both locally and nationally. We believe the decision we have made is the right one to help the community move forward and are committed to ensuring a permanent memorial is created so the two young lives lost are never forgotten.

“On Monday 13 July, an application to knock down the property will be sent to the local authority’s planning department and, if the plans are approved, the aim will be to start work on site as soon as possible.

“However, before any work does start, I can reassure the local community that updates will be provided as we want to ensure we share as much information as we can.”


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