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School’s in after Shiregreen summer programme

6 September 2018
Keyrings designed by the Shiregreen youngsters

Shiregreen youngsters who are now back in school got a sneak peek of what life would be like, thanks to an exciting summer holiday programme from Sanctuary Housing and Firth Park Academy.

Summer school

Local school pupils who started at the school this month took part in an intensive three-day ‘summer school’, including a range of activities such as sports, dance and cooking, all aimed at improving teamwork skills and self-confidence in time for the new term.

Design and technology

Sanctuary’s funding also saw the group take part in structured design and technology sessions to help prepare them for lessons.

Community initiative

In addition to the summer school, young people from Firth Park Academy will also lead a Shiregreen community initiative later in the year as part of the project.

“Essential skill sets”

Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, Melanie King, said: “As well as building up essential skill sets, the summer school gave the students an important opportunity to meet and chat with new classmates, forming the basis for future friendships.

“In previous years, the programme has really helped pupils transition smoothly into their new school, and I hope this will also be the case for this year’s intake.”

“See what our school has to offer”

Melissa Lightfoot, from Firth Park Academy, added: “Everyone who came along had a great time; the summer school gives our future students a wonderful opportunity to build confidence for the new term and see what our school has to offer.”

This project was funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.


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