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Shiregreen students set for a sneak peek at business life

11 October 2018
Shiregreen students will get a sneak peek at life in business.

School pupils from Shiregreen are getting ready to have a sneak peek of life as new business owners through an exciting project from Sanctuary Housing and Ignite Imaginations.

£50 Challenge

Students are gearing up to start the £50 Challenge next month, where groups will be tasked with growing the money over the course of 12 weeks with a creative business idea.

The pupils will be supported by Ignite Imaginations staff through a series of targeted sessions to develop their idea into a product or service which they will then take to market.

Essential abilities for future entrepreneurs

The aim of the project is to teach the young people abilities that are essential for future entrepreneurs such as organisation, teamwork and thinking creatively. The participants will also learn life skills such as successful budgeting and time management.

Project success

A similar project earlier this year saw the winning group of Year 10 students from Firth Park Academy use their idea of a bake sale to turn a profit. They received certificates and prizes of cinema vouchers at an award ceremony

“New and creative ways to support our residents”

Melanie King, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, said: “We’re always looking for new and creative ways to support our residents in developing employability skills, and the £50 Challenge looks set to be really worthwhile for the students involved.”

Building on success

Ignite Imaginations project co-ordinator, Charlie Barnes, added: “We’re really excited to run the £50 Challenge again. The project was a great success last time and we’re looking forward to building on this and seeing what the results are this time around.”

This project is funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.


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