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Shiregreen youngsters Forge their way at local club

13 September 2017
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Funding from Sanctuary Housing is supporting local project Forge Youth to deliver a free weekly activity group for children and teenagers aged 11 – 16, and even more young people are being encouraged to come along.

A range of activities

Activities include exciting sport sessions, arts and crafts or just relaxing with friends, with around 50 participants attending each week. The group takes place at St James’ and St Christopher’s Church on Bellhouse Road every Wednesday between 7pm-9pm.

Wider support

The funding forms part of Sanctuary’s wider support of Forge Youth. This year’s donation of nearly £4,000 is also going towards specific sessions targeted at young women to discuss topics and issues relevant to them, as well as Stomp classes for younger children aged 7-11.

Stomp sessions

Taking place at Shiregreen Community Centre, the Stomp sessions involve games and other activities which are delivered by a mix of adult volunteers and young leaders, many of whom are previous attendees of Stomp themselves.

“An invaluable service”

Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, Melanie King, said: “Forge Youth is a really worthwhile project that offers an invaluable service to young people in Sheffield. We have worked with them for several years and their commitment has been honoured through different accolades at our Shiregreen Community Awards.”

“Meet the needs of young people”

Sam Evans from Forge Youth added: “The bespoke nature of our workshops means that we are really able to tailor the clubs to meet the needs of the young people who attend. Sanctuary’s funding is supporting us to reach even more people and I would encourage all children and teenagers in Shiregreen to come along and join us!”

Come along

Young people in Shiregreen who would like to come along to any of Forge Youth’s groups or clubs can just turn up to the sessions they’d like to attend. For more information contact James Homer by emailing james@forgeyouth.com

This project is funded by Sanctuary’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.

Locations and days of Forge Youth’s groups

Group Day Location Time
Forge Youth, young people aged 11-16 Every Wednesday (term time) St James’ and St Christopher’s Church, Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, S5 0RB 7pm–9pm
Forge Youth females, young women aged 11–16 Every Wednesday (term time) St James’ and St Christopher’s Church, Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, S5 0RB 5pm–6.30pm 
Stomp, young people aged 7–11  Every Thursday Shiregreen Community Centre, 170-184 Sicey Avenue, Sheffield, S5 0RN 6.30pm-7.30pm 



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