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Site safety on the school timetable as construction gets underway on new homes in London

14 January 2014

It was back to the classroom for Sanctuary Group and its contractors Ardmore Construction as they went into an East London school to highlight to students the dangers associated with building sites.

The visit to Frederick Bremer School in Siddeley Road, Walthamstow was arranged to coincide with the start of construction work at the nearby site in Fulbourne Road, where Sanctuary Group is building 102 new homes in London with its contractor, Ardmore Construction.

The £20 million project of new homes in London, part funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA), includes a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership properties due for completion in February 2015.
During their visit to Frederick Bremer School on Friday (10 January), Ardmore spoke to two groups of Year 7 students, highlighting building site safety and how the health and safety regulations that apply on site are equally relevant in everyday life.

David Gooch, Sanctuary’s director of development for London, said: “We hope that the high quality affordable homes we are building at our Fulbourne Road development will help alleviate the housing shortage in the area and will also provide new training and employment opportunities within the local community.

“In the meantime, however, safety on the site is a key priority for us, and we were delighted to be given an opportunity to go into Frederick Bremer School to highlight the dangers of building sites to the Year 7 students as construction gets underway.”

Eillish Kwai, Ardmore’s employment & skills manager, added: “Ardmore has a strong commitment to promoting health and safety to both those working on site as well as those living nearby, and it was good to be able to talk directly to some of the students living near the Fulbourne Road site to explain the dangers to them.”

During the presentation, students were reminded that building sites are hazardous places and that the best option is avoiding the risk altogether by staying well away from the Fulbourne Road site. They were also urged to be extra vigilant on roads and pavements in the area as lorries and heavy machinery associated with the site may have restricted visibility.

Jenny Smith, head teacher at Frederick Bremer School said: “As an Engineering College, we were pleased that Ardmore Construction were able to come into school to discuss with our year 7 students this new construction project, in particular the importance of maintaining safety on and around building sites, and to highlight the potential dangers.”


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