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Spruce up of Blacon’s Nature Park

3 February 2015

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to support their community at a clean-up of a nature park in Blacon.

Avenue Services clear overgrowth from Blacon’s Nature Park

Residents joined the team from Avenue Services to clear reeds from a pond and cut back trees and overgrowth to prepare for spring to emerge at Blacon’s Nature Park.

Volunteers help clean up Blacon’s Nature Park

There were more than a dozen people at the clean-up, including Friends of Blacon Nature Park, volunteers from Tesco on Sealand Road and community representatives.

Sandra Hewitt, Avenue Services’ Neighbourhood and Locality Officer, said: “This clear up was a great success and we hope it will attract more wildlife and visitors to Blacon’s Nature Park. Thanks very much to all who spared their time, particularly to Tesco Store Manager at Sealand Road Mark Lindley and his team for supporting the day.”

If anyone is interested in joining or supporting Friends of Blacon Nature Park, please call Sandra on 01244 977234 or email:sandra.hewittt@sanctuary-housing.co.uk


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