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Tenants’ joy at new housing development

28 February 2014

Residents have spoken of their delight at moving in to North Lanarkshire’s newest affordable homes.

Fifty-eight families now occupy the Sanctuary properties in Kildrum, Cumbernauld.

Keys to the last of the £5.8 million project’s homes in Ainslie Road and Maclehose Road were handed over in December.

The energy-efficient properties were made available to rent to those on North Lanarkshire’s common housing register, easing pressure on an acute shortage of local affordable homes.

Jemma Pellegrini moved into a two-bedroom house with her 11-month-old daughter Amelia in October. The college student settled quickly into a property she is proud to call “home”.

Jemma, 19, said: “It’s amazing. We’ve gone from staying in one room at my granddad’s to our own home and garden.

“This house has given me my independence and helped me become a better mum.

“There is lots of space and it’s really family friendly with built-in storage and cupboard locks. The garden will be great for Amelia as she grows up.”

The development was built by Sanctuary Scotland and is managed by Sanctuary Cumbernauld. Sanctuary received £2.3 million from the Scottish Government towards the project, developed in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council. The housing mix includes 44 two-storey family homes, seven wheelchair-accessible bungalows and seven three / four-storey flats.

Sanctuary in Scotland director Gordon Laurie said: “These properties are the latest new-build Sanctuary homes to boost Cumbernauld’s affordable housing stock.

“Like the 73 homes handed over in Beechwood Court last year, the 58 properties in Ainslie Road and Maclehose Road have all been made available to local residents for social rent.

“Sanctuary’s developments are designed to bring people together and encourage a sense of community. These new Kildrum homes have already made a positive impact on Cumbernauld.”   

This was the second phase of Kildrum’s regeneration. In 2009, 51 properties were built to replace 108 flats that had been found to be structurally defective.

Councillor Sam Love, Convener of Housing and Social Work Services at North Lanarkshire Council, said: “I am delighted to see the completion of what has been a major regeneration project involving North Lanarkshire Council, Sanctuary Cumbernauld and the Scottish Government.

“I would like to congratulate Sanctuary Cumbernauld on the completion of these high quality new houses to replace the defective flats, and wish all the tenants every happiness in their new homes.”

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess said: “This is great news for people in Cumbernauld looking for affordable rented housing.

“This impressive project, backed by over £2.3 million in funding from the Scottish Government, will provide a boost to the local economy and the wider community.

“Housing is and will remain a priority for this Government. Our housing investment programmes are designed to maximise the combined impact of Scottish Government and external funding on both the provision of affordable housing and the house building industry.”


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