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The Charter for Social Housing Residents and what it means for you

23 November 2020
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The Government has published a Charter for Social Housiing Residents as part of the Social Housing White Paper. This sets out what the Government expects of landlords, such as ourselves, and what you, our residents, can expect from us.

The Charter for Social Housing Residents aims to ensure that residents in social housing have safe, good quality homes to live in and are listened to by landlords.

You should expect:

  • To be safe in your home;
  • To know your landlord is performing (on repairs, complaints, safety and how it spends your money);
  • To have your complaints dealt with promptly and fairly;
  • To be treated with respect;
  • To have your voice heard by your landlord;
  • To have good a quality home and neighbourhood to live in;
  • To be supported to take your first step to home ownership.

This White Paper sets out what the Government will do to ensure landlords live up to this new Charter. The most important element is the Regulator of Social Housing will be given new powers to create a strong, proactive consumer regulatory regime and strengthening the formal standards against which we as landlords are regulated.

We will be required to:

  • be transparent about our performance and decision-making – so that you and the regulator can hold us to account;
  • put things right when they go wrong; and
  • listen to you and engage with you effectively.

Wendy Burridge, Chair of Sanctuary’s National Residents Scrutiny Panel (NRSP), said: “The White Paper is welcome because it makes a commitment to all social housing residents across the country.

“Having somewhere safe to call home is so important, now more than ever, and we are pleased to see the Government addressing this.

“We already work closely with Sanctuary to ensure standards are being both maintained and improved, and look forward to continuing that in the future.”

“NRSP member Dylan Asphar, who lives in one of our supported living services, added: “The Social Housing White Paper seeks to set out clear aims to support residents and also hold landlords to account, which is essential after the events of Grenfell Tower.

“Through our work with the NRSP, in which we can actively engage with Sanctuary to play a meaningful role in shaping and influencing its decisions, I am confident Sanctuary can continue to build on these already strong foundations.”


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