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Torquay schoolchildren marking the book trail

19 June 2015

Youngsters from a Torquay school are celebrating an exciting book trail milestone as part of National Bookstart Week 2015.

A book trail expedition

Supported by Sanctuary Housing – which has provided funding to buy new books and launch reading workshops – bookworms from Watcombe Primary School have reached the first book trail goal of reading 10 kids books’, receiving a special stationery gift and a certificate. They will be given a prize for each extra 10 books read, with children reading 100 books being rewarded with the gift of a book to keep.

Some of the children’s parents have become involved and now take responsibility for running the group of volunteers who help with the book trail.

Library for kids’ books

School staff are also planning on setting up their own library of books on a wide range of topics for parents and children to use.

Julie Rowntree, Watcombe Primary School’s family and pastoral mentor, is thrilled with the venture’s success. She said: “The project is aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of reading at home, as well as encouraging positive interactions between parents and children as they read with each other.

“It’s been a real page turner for the children involved and it’s thanks to Sanctuary – it wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

Sanctuary’s head of neighbourhood partnerships, Alison Kenny, added: “We are proud that we’re able to invest in projects like this which address the needs of our residents.

“The children, parents and staff members taking part in the book trail have really taken the project to heart and are spending quality time with each other. I hope we can work with Watcombe Primary School on other projects in the future.”

This project was funded by Sanctuary Group’s Community Investment Fund, supporting projects which benefit Sanctuary residents and their communities.

National Bookstart Week 2015 ran from 8-14 June 2015 and is an annual awareness event aimed at promoting the value of reading with schools, libraries and children’s centres, as well as parents and their children.


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