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Us to You – our new way of working

28 April 2021

Since March 2020, in line with Government guidelines, our housing and income teams have mostly worked from home. Where we’ve been able to safely do so we’ve also been out in our communities, meeting with residents to support them through the pandemic. 

For some time we have known most residents prefer to meet with us in their homes. As a result our housing and income teams are changing how they work so they can spend more time on our estates.

By bringing our services to you it makes it easier to talk with us in person, while also giving our staff a greater local presence and a greater insight into our neighbourhoods.

If the Government eases its lockdown restrictions as planned, all residents will be able to request a socially-distanced home visit from Monday 17 May.

We will also continue to use technology, including video calls, to reach more residents at a time and a place convenient for them.

We have reopened our offices in Bodicote, Kingsmead, Ely, Rochford, Shiregreen, Chester (Centurion House) and Blacon. Opening times have been planned to enable staff to clean the areas at the start and end of the day with a break for lunch to facilitate staff taking breaks and changing personnel on the front desk. This will be kept under review.

Our offices in Hull, Plymouth, Lache and 3 Marybone in Liverpool will not reopen due to a combination of low footfall and our new way of working. We expect our service to residents in these four areas will improve as we spend more time with them in their community.