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Watcombe residents catch up on qualifications at café

11 June 2015

New Watcombe Café

Ten volunteers from Watcombe Catch Up Café have had sizzling success after earning cooking credentials with help from the Torbay Community Organisers, supported by Sanctuary Housing and the South West Foundation.

Toast of the town

Launched in December 2014, with the support of the Medway Community Centre, the Watcombe café was created by local residents for a trial opening period of six weeks and now offers a community-led place for local residents to socialise and eat tasty breakfasts cooked by the qualified volunteers.

Café volunteer, Steven Scott, said: “Everyone is so proud of the volunteers earning their food qualifications, they’ve worked really hard. The Community Organisers and Sanctuary offered invaluable support and without them the café wouldn’t be open today.”

Lynne Roberts, Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnership manager for Torbay, added: “The Community Organisers have been involved in a range of neighbourhood projects and the Watcombe Catch Up Café has been one of the most successful, especially with the ten volunteers now having had certified training.

“It’s very important to us to support the development of successful communities. The residents have loved having a venue to meet and socialise and it’s been of real benefit to the neighbourhood.”

The Café is open every Wednesday between 10am to 2pm at the Medway Centre and all Watcombe residents are welcome.

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