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World Cup fever still sweeping the Page High estate

14 July 2014

Sanctuary Housing’s foam-ball donation has enabled youngsters from Page High estate to kick, save and dive like their footballing heroes after the World Cup.

The busy Haringey estate of over 90 Sanctuary Housing families were keen to encourage the younger generation to stay active, while playing safely and quietly in the tight-knit community.

Danny Stewart, resident caretaker, said: “Everyone on the estate is very grateful for the foam football donations for all the community to enjoy.

“The quieter and softer balls will make a real difference to both the children and adults of Page High. Noise from the children playing football will be greatly reduced, while still allowing them to have a good run around and enjoy the great game.”

Page High estate, part of Noel Park Ward, is located on top of Wood Green shopping complex, which has no immediate access to communal play areas. The donation from Sanctuary Housing’s MoneyBox fund has allowed the footballing stars to continue to play inside the estate in a safe environment, while reducing the high level of noise and indirect damage caused.

Toby Moore, Sanctuary’s partnerships officer, added: “Even though our donation sounds simple it will make a real impact. The foam balls will continue to bring the youth community together, while keeping other residents happy.”

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