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Youth club helps Hackney residents

27 August 2020
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Young people in Hackney have been making good use of their local community centre to help those in need during the pandemic.

Gascoyne and Morningside Youth Club set up an emergency food service at Morningside Community Centre to support local Sanctuary residents.

Working with Felix Project, a local food surplus charity, the club distributed food supplies to older and vulnerable people in the area.

One gentleman was brought to tears when the youth club volunteers turned up on his doorstep with supplies.

Nicolette Nixon, Director of Gascoyne and Morningside Youth Club, said: “I don't know what would have happened to him because he said he’d phoned three or four different places and each one had said they couldn’t help.

“We were the first people to say to him that we could provide food. I've noticed he's started to put a suit on and he gets dressed up for the deliveries. He's brilliant.”

Nicolette set up the youth club 20 years ago to provide young people on the Gascoyne and Morningside estates with something to do.

Despite the pandemic, the club has been able to run its usual summer programme with nearly 200 young people attending.

The group has been supported by Sanctuary Housing and the Hackney markets team who have provided gazebos so the young people can keep to a social distance.