Noise nuisance

Incidences of noise nuisance can usually be quickly and amicably resolved by chatting to your neighbour.

However, we understand there may be times when you may not feel comfortable speaking directly to someone to try to resolve an issue. In this case you can let us know about the problem online or call us on 0800 916 1522 or 0300 123 3568.

We will:

  • Decide whether the noise is unreasonable, based on its duration, frequency and intensity, as well as if it is deliberate
  • Open an antisocial behaviour case and start an investigation if the noise is unreasonable.

We won’t:

  • Investigate everyday living noises and one-off events such parties or issues created as a result of poor sound insulation.

If we are unable to deal with the problem, you can take action under Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Further information about the types of antisocial behaviour: