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Here you'll find a range of our publications. These include our residents’  magazine, Voice, our Annual Report to Residents, Resident Handbooks and useful guides and leaflets.


Information for Residents

Everything you need to know about living with Sanctuary Housing, including handbooks and key guides.

National Residents Handbook
Homeowners' Handbook
A legal guide to Right to Buy
Buying your own home FAQs
A guide to Mutual Exchange
Housing for Older People Handbook
A guide to making a complaint
The complaints process: Investigation stage
What to do when someone dies

Self-help Guides

Useful information to help you make the most of your home and community.

Antisocial behaviour
Guide to applying for housing
Aids and adaptations
Guide to saving energy
Condensation, damp and mould
Guide to asbestos
Guide to Water Hygiene
Guide to fire safety
Guide to fire safety in your home
Guide to avoiding blocked drains
Pests and infestations


Annual Reports

Our Annual Report to Residents is where you can read about our highlights and how Sanctuary Housing is performing, as well as an outline of our commitments to you, our residents. A summary of this year's report is also available Annual Report to Residents 2021 -  Summary (PDF 630KB)

If you would like any Sanctuary Housing publication in an alternative format or language, please telephone 0800 131 3348 or email: contactus@sanctuary-housing.co.uk.